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Covid-19 RT-PCR

Patients are evaluated by onsite and telemedicine COVID-19 care providers which include physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners.

At the Stone Mountain location, if you get a Covid-19 PCR test by 12 PM (noon), you will get your result on the same day.* 

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Fast result

Fast Results

Taking a Covid-19 test at either of our locations will give you a result in 24-36  hours. Same day results will be available if the sample is completed before 12 PM. We are working on bringing same-day results to all tests completed at all times.

highest accuracy

Highest Accuracy

PCR testing is one of the most accurate versions of Covid-19 testing. It is the perfect balance between fast and accurate.

For Travel And School

Covid-19 RT- PCR testing is fast and can be used for traveling, such as a plane flight,  for school, or even for work if required.

Drive-Thru Testing

Our Covid-19 RT- PCR testing sites are Drive-Thru, which wastes the least of your time and keeps the Covid-19 testing process efficient.

About Us

We are serving the community for their health and well-being in the Atlanta area. Covid-19 testing and vaccination are the best tools to combat Covid-19 infections and saves lives.

Our patients health and safety is our number one priority for the True Care Physicians Team.

Five minutes for testing may save your own and others' lives.

*Timing for results is NOT guaranteed, most tests results are shown within 24-36 hours. Results timing is dependent on lab processing. We are NOT responsible for any trips, plane tickets etc. dependent on results.

Our Locations

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Stone Mountain Mall

Covid RT- PCR Testing Location 

Address - 5615 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083.

Near Advance Autos

Covid RT- PCR Testing Location 

Address - 4734 Memorial Drive, Decatur, GA, 30032.

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Our Services

Click on the links below pre-register and schedule your appointment

Covid-19 Drive-Thru Testing (PCR)

Stone Mountain Mall

5615 Memorial Drive

Covid-19 Drive-Thru Testing

Near Advance Autos

4734 Memorial Drive

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